Vegetarian Sushi

Vegetarian Nori-wrapped Sushi (vegan)

Historically, sushi evolved as a utilitarian food as far back as 300 BCE when fermented rice was wrapped around fish as a form of food preservation. Today, sushi reminds us of the contradictions of our modern world. Inherently, sushi isn’t just food – it’s art. Layers of nori, a super-nutritious, dried seaweed, plus fish, rice and vegetables make an amazing visual display when creatively rolled. Sadly, some of these works of edible wonder are grabbed in the takeout line as fast food, eaten alone.

Instead, join us in the sushi art renaissance and bring back reasons to “play” with your food while layering your vegetables. Make an edible kaleidoscope and linger to share and eat the results. This veggie sushi travels well, though it’s best eaten within the first five hours since the rice may dry out and harden.



Cook rice and cool.

Place nori on a flat surface. Arrange approximately ½ c. rice and ½ c. vegetables on long edge of Nori. Use carrots, sugar snap peas, lettuce, spinach or any combination you’d like.

Gently roll nori, starting with the rice/veggie side.

Using a serrated knife, slice nori into 1-inch pieces. Slicing on a diagonal makes attractive pieces.

Yield: 6 servings as appetizer.