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At a time long, long ago...
when I was an avid poster collector while in college, I secured and traded for some of the rarest of the STAR WARS trilogy original theatrical release posters. From 1986 to 1988, trusting the power of the force and the honesty of other leading dealers in the U.S. (with plenty of fact-checking of my own), my collection of stunning and rare original STAR WARS trilogy posters include advance 1-sheets, promotional posters, commemorative 10th Anniversary STAR WARS posters, and even a half sheet. While I don't have the largest STAR WARS collection, many of my posters are among the rarest, including the very first STAR WARS pre-production "Luke Skywalker" Poster 1 First Edition. Three of the posters are professionally framed with acid free backing (price reflects such pricing) while the others have been stored in protected tubes, unopened for approximately 30 years -- but now opened to serious collectors who want to celebrate STAR WARS' 30th Anniversary.

The time has come to pass along my collection of the rarest STAR WARS, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and REVENGE OF THE JEDI (and RETURN OF THE JEDI). Many dealers list these posters (as back-order) that I have for sale now. Many of my prices reflect that I don't have much to go on regarding current prices for many 1 sheet and other vintage STAR WARS posters. In fact, I've not even seen any of the only 3,000 10th Anniversary STAR WARS Style B 1-sheets for sale, signed by the artist himself. Please e-mail me if you can offer insights on pricing -- on the low or high end. Personal inspection is welcomed and encouraged (on site) with advance notice. Since a lot of new information has surfaced regarding bootleg versions of posters and video releases, I've worked to verify that those posters depicted below are, to the best of my knowledge, original. Resources I've reviewed include, L'Affiche Star Wars Saga American One-sheet Poster Checklist poster,,, and the spectacular Star Wars Poster Book, by Stephen Sansweet and Peter Vilmur


STAR WARS Luke Skywalker Corp Poster #1
US Movie Poster PRE PRODUCTION "Howard Chaykin" Poster #1, 20" x 29", 1976
Bottom of poster reads: "Poster 1 1st Edition Artist: Howard Chaykin Luke Skywalker The Star Wars Corporation 1976"Among the rarest of rare STAR WARS posters. This is the first poster ever issued for STAR WARS. It is not a poster that was issued to theatres. Designed by comic artist Howard Chaykin and early STAR WARS logo designed by Ralph McQuarrie, this striking poster was issued in 1976 well before the movie was released in May 1977. According to L'Affiche Star Wars Saga American One-sheet Poster Checklist poster, only 1,000 were made (some say more) and it was sold for $1.75 at the 1976 San Diego Comic-Con and the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas. No tape, no tears, no stains, no pin holes.
Price: $3,495

STAR WARS Half sheet
1977 Episode IV: A New Hope

U.S. HALF SHEET, 22" x 28", 1978
Excellent Condition, Near Mint, rolled on thicker stock paper, FRAMED UNDER ARCHIVAL GLASS
Another rare original Star Wars movie poster because of it's size, it features artwork by Tom Jung.
Price: $1,295

STAR WARS Happy Birthday
"Happy Birthday" Style
U.S. 1-sheet, 27" x 41"
Bottom reads: "Star Wars Happy Birthday One Sheet" in an unconventional font, with a slant, consistent with it's authenticity, per The Star Wars Poster Book.
With photography by Weldon Anderson, this 1-sheet "Happy Birthday" is estimated to be printed in a quantity of 250 to 280. One of the RAREST original Star Wars movie posters. This poster was issued to those few theaters that were still playing STAR WARS a year after it first came out. Rumored that there were only 500 printed.
Price: $4,895

STAR WARS "Style A" Second printing version
Style A, U.S. 1-sheet, 27" x 41", 1977, Second Printing version
Bottom reads (indented): "copyright c 1977 Twentieth Century Fox One Sheet - Style "A" 77/21" (indented with framing market where "- 0" would have been for first printing).
Very Good condition, Rolled. Heavy cardboard stock
Rare cardboard stock rolled poster is in very good, rolled stored condition, but acquired with a crimple in the top third of the poster and some wear on border edges. No hair "scratch" on Luke's belt that's found in bootlegs, or Lucasfilm copyright below artwork.
Price: $895

Style C
1-sheet, 27" x 41", 1977
Mint, Folded
Bottom reads: "Printed in U.S.A. One Sheet Style 'C' " Perfect condition poster, stored folded in the same sealed envolope I received it (from Los Angeles). Rumored that there were between only 500 to 1,000 ever printed, supposedly for international promotion (no NSS information printed at bottom). No apparent hair "scratch" on white gown of Leia's back that's found in bootlegs.
Price: $4,895

STAR WARS Style A Soundtrack Record Promotion Poster
Style A Record Promotion Poster
U.S., for music stores, 1982
Mint, Rolled.
This record promotion poster for the original motion picture soundtrack on 20th Century Records and Tapes.
Price: $495

STAR WARS Early Re-release with REVENGE OF THE JEDI Stripe
Style C
U.S. 1-sheet, 27" x 41", R-1982
Mint, Rolled (once folded)
Bottom reads: "Printed in U.S.A. Star Wars Is Back One-Sheet R820106 Star War" (Star War beneath NSS number)""The Original is Back" headlines this re-release poster with a "Revenge of the Jedi" stripe banner.
Price: $275

STAR WARS The First 10 Years, Style B
Signed and numbered 1130/3000 by artist Drew Struzan, Style B
Mint. Rolled. Carefully stored. Style B, One-sheet, 27" x 41", 1987
Featuring striking artwork by Drew Struzan, this poster is signed and numbered by the artist. Printed by Gore Graphics (the same print house for most of the classic trilogy posters for distributor 20th Century Fox). Only 3,000 printed.
Price: $4,995

STAR WARS 10th Anniversary Style "A"
Rolled, Mint, Printed on shiny silver Mylar, "May 25th 1977 - 1987"
U.S. 1-sheet, 27" x 41", 1987
According to the Star Wars The Archive Database (, only 2,000 were printed of this commemorative release, printed by Killian Enterprises.
Price: $4,995


EMPIRE STRIKES BACK "Gone with the Wind" Style A
"Gone with the Wind" Style A
Mint. Rolled (once folded).
One-sheet, 27" x 41", 1980
Featuring Roger Kastel's stunning artwork, it's among the more rare EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 1-sheets because Billy Dee Williams had been omitted from the promotional campaign.
Price: $795

Style B
Mint. Rolled (once folded).
One-sheet, 27" x 41", 1980
Featuring artwork by Tom Jung -- and includes the Lando Calrissian character.
Price: $795

EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Coca-Cola Promotional Poster
An Original Poster from The Coca Cola Company
Mint. Rolled.
24" x 33", 1980
Featuring artwork from fantasy artist Boris Vallejo, this rare Coca-Cola promotional poster was sold at theaters with purchase of Coca Cola during the release of the movie.
Price: $149


First Version. Extremely Rare. Mint. Folded (opened only a couple times).
One-sheet, 27" x 41", 1982
NO DATE on poster for advance.
Featuring Drew Struzan artwork and printed by Gore Graphics, this "no date" recalled version of the Advance 1 Sheet is extremely rare. There were thousands issued of the regular dated version while there were only a few hundred (some say less than a hundred) of the no date version. Issued before the regular Revenge posters.
Price: $3,895

REVENGE OF THE JEDI Advance "Coming May 25, 1983..."
Second version, Mint rolled (was originally folded).
One-sheet Advance Teaser, 27" x 41", 1982
Bottom reads: "The Revenge of the Jedi Teaser One Sheet" With fewer than 6,800 in circulation according to the Star Wars Poster Book, this rare advance poster (and the NO DATE version above) never made it to the theaters. It includes the "Coming May 25, 1983 to your galaxy." No fold lines apparent or "cloud" in black area near the 20th Century Fox logo which are common in bootleg poster versions. Area around Fox logo totally black. For more about the bootlegs floating around, see The
Price: $1,295

RETURN OF THE JEDI Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Mint rolled (was folded).
22" x 33", 1983
Bottom reads: "Manufactured and Marketing by Polygram Records RSO Records"
R2-D2 and C-3PO moving toward Jabba's palace (in background) with other STAR WARS and EMPIRE STRIKES BACK soundtracks across the top of the poster.
Price: $595

Rolled, Good condition, but with recurring paper crease on art, some wear on border edges.
1-sheet, 27" x 41", 1983
Bottom reads: "Return of the Jedi One Sheet 830013
Price: $189

Good condition (wear on edges, some tears), rolled.
27" x 41", double sided, 1985
This posted from Killian Enterprises, showcases the many different U.S. STAR WARS posters including 1-sheets, half sheets and several special editions and advance teasers. A summary of the featured posters is on reverse.
Price: $135

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