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Regardless of whether you believe in the power of science and technology or intuition, natural feedback loops around the world offer clear and present signals on the state of the world and the precarious course humanity is presently headed. Below are among the many links to organizations, reports, or research summarizing some of what have led us to approach the "good life" from the perspective of -- among many actions -- reducing our ecological footprint, breaking free from the fossil-fuel based and consumption-crazed economy, and returning to the idea of a more self-reliant, ecologically healthy, local community and economy. Without healthy soil, air, water and community, our good health and well-being is not possible. We believe in leveraging the power of business to operate in carbon neutral, if not negative, ways like we've done at Inn Serendipity.

Search some of the many resources found at Renewing the Countryside for information about individuals, organizations, companies and communities that are putting into motion what some may call "the future" -- today.

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