Advance Praise for Farmstead Chef

Farmstead Chef stirs up revolution, moving us back into the kitchen, our home gardens and local farmers' markets. It captures the renaissance of homemade and homegrown cooking where key ingredients include fresh, seasonal and local food along with a deep-rooted conviction that our every bite can make a difference in transforming our world.
– Nell Newman, Co-founder and President of Newman's Own Organics
We need to view food as something important again, worth taking the time to seek out and to cook. I'm eager to try the recipes in Farmstead Chef. They promise a taste at once refreshing and deeply hopeful.
– Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth and The End of Nature
This book put a big smile on my organic farmer face. Why? With playful people like Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko kissing off corporate America, the serious nature of taking back our food supply becomes a belly-laugh, belly-full party that even the most skeptic will want to attend. For good food and good laughter, Farmstead Chef is the place to be.
– MaryJane Butters, Publisher of MaryJanesFarm
With farmers finally emerging as the new rock stars, Kivirist and Ivanko possess the creative talents and authenticity as growers themselves to not only connect with individual readers and eaters, but help foster a new generation of farmers who are restoring and revitalizing America.
– Curt Ellis, King Corn and FoodCorps
Kivirist and Ivanko redefine traditional definitions of health. Rather than focus on deprivation, Farmstead Chef celebrates abundance and the fulfilling joy and pleasure of knowing where our food comes from and savoring every bite with those you love.
– Melinda Hemmelgarn, Registered Dietician, writer and FoodSleuth Radio host
Farmstead Chef is compelling, practical and sumptuous. Kivirist and Ivanko prove that you can eat local, and well ‚ year round, even in a four season climate.
– Brian Halweil, author of Eat Here and senior fellow with the Worldwatch Institute
Kivirist and Ivanko uniquely "connect the dots" between the food system and what's on your family's plate. By blending practical ideas with broader contexts, Farmstead Chef uniquely and positively challenges us to change our perspectives on the everyday act of eating, with results that are simply delicious.
– Mark Muller, Director of the Food and Community Program, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Collaborative to the core, Kivirist and Ivanko possess an ability to connect the various grassroots organizations and efforts working toward improving our food system. This skill, enhanced by their prolific writing and engaging speaking abilities, will bring their latest book, Farmstead Chef, to a wide national reach.
– Denise O'Brien, Founder, Women, Food and Agriculture Network
Tapped into both what's growing on their farm and what's brewing on Capitol Hill, this dynamic and prolific duo represent the new face of food in America: individuals who seek connections to their food source and celebrate the potential of eating fresh, local and seasonal, one June strawberry at a time.
– Aimee Witteman, Former Executive Director, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, Washington, DC.