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Mother Earth News "Wiser Living Series" Selection
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Kitchen Gardeners International's "Book of the Month", December, 2011
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"What’s also different about [Farmstead Chef's authors'] oh-so-local take on eating is that it hasn’t inhibited the couple’s fusion imagination, creating dishes like Casablanca Couscous, Indonesian Asparagus and Pasta, and Latvian Pirages. In other words, locally-grown doesn’t have to stay confined to local culture (though there are recipes a-plenty from the Amish, Shakers, and driven by the melting pot of their Wisconsin locale, the ingredients of which translate well to many North American regions.)"
-- Lindsay Curren, Transition Voice, December 1, 2011, for the full review, click here.
"Authors Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko wrote the book (and live their lives) in a way that inspires us to 'return to our roots of independence, self-sufficiency, and frugality.' I feel it, and I want it, even more after reading this book...In the intro portion of the book, the authors share their story of how they came to own the piece of property in Wisconsin that is now home to their B&B and farm. It’s a particularly sweet story, and one that will give everyone who has ever dreamed of owning some land, growing some things, and being somewhat self-sufficient a lot of hope. A highly recommended cook-spiration book."
-- Dana Villamagna, Book Review: Farmstead Chef Brings the Dream to Your Kitchen, Locally Grown News - Tampa Bay, February 6, 2012, for the full review, click here.
"Rising food prices are just one reason to grow and make your own food. Fresh, quality - and even organic - meals are another excuse. Farmstead Chef is chock full of nourishing recipes and repurposing tips with info on how to eat lower on the food chain and restore the planet...You don't have to go off the grid to reclaim your kitchen."
-- Jo Ann Kirby, Homegrown know how: Authors share tips on saving cash, savoring local foods, Stockton Record, January 21, 2012, for the full review, click here.
"If you have any sensitivity at all towards the  local/sustainable/healthy/whateveryouwantotcallit food movement that is taking our country and its kitchen tables by storm, [Farmstead Chef] is the cookbook for you...The recipes are simply and efficiently explained so that even a novice like me can follow them (no small feat). Ivanko and Kivirist stress eating "seasonally," but they are not dogmatic about it, mercifully. [The authors] are passing along their knowledge of what it's like to live--and eat--close to the land. But they do it by suggesting rather than preaching."
-- Mike Nowak, The Mike Nowak Show, WCPT Radio (Chicago's Progressive Talk), January 1, 2012, for the podcast, click here.
"You don’t have to be a gardener, or even own a real chef’s knife, to cook and eat farmstead-style. All you need is this innkeeping couple’s careful, caring guidance."
-- Staff, Leite’s Culinaria
"It's a beautiful book ... the stories and recipes, then the stories of the folks interviewed in it, the pictures. It's like art."
-- Zan Asha, The Renegade Farmer, for the entire radio interview, click here.
"Chock full of good cooking and good thinking, it blends inventive, low-on-the-food-chain recipes and preservation techniques with inspiring essays and portrayals of fellow visionaries. I don’t think there’s anyone writing about local foods these days with more openheartedness and finesse."
-- Terese Allen, "Read and Feed", Edible Madison, Winter 2011. Click here for a pdf of the article.
"Though most Americans haven't "homesteaded" for centuries, that's exactly what John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist decided to do when they quit their corporate positions in their late 20s. Since then, the couple has played a leading role in the sustainable food movement as well as various other food and ecology causes. Farmstead Chef, their latest cookbook, teaches readers how to nourish themselves while saving the planet, a lofty goal that the authors make attainable and fun with mouthwatering recipes."
-- Frankie Boyer, "The Frankie Boyer Show", WXBR
"The more I looked into this book, the more I found. I must have flipped through it ten times before I noticed the miscellaneous section in the back concerning pantry stocking, where you find not just recipes for crayons, playdough, graham crackers and sweetened condensed milk, but an actual checklist of things to stock your pantry as well. It is this mix of creative and practical that makes this cookbook a resource for cooks of all levels, whether you are working on a six burner gas stove or an old fashioned wood burning stove."
-- Lawrence Black, Simple Good and Tasty, December 15, 2011
"For foodies who love books...Farmstead Chef provides tips, inspiration and recipes about how to return to the roots of culinary independence by becoming frugal and self-sufficient."
- Mary Bergin, Roads Traveled weekly column, October 29, 2011
"As I flipped through Farmstead Chef, I felt like I was sitting in my very own farmhouse kitchen. Simple, rustic, and comforting, farm-loving foodies will want to cook every single showcased recipe."
- Neysa King (and Travis), Dissertation to Dirt
"Farmstead Chef offers seasonal recipes for comfort foods that are as good for the planet as they are for your taste buds ...It also features stories from 'food heroes' working to make the US food system healthier."
- Tracy Fernandez Rysavy, Editor-in-chief, Green American, November/December, 2011
"Yes, you can eat healthy, fresh and local no matter where you live. While not all of us have a backyard in which to grow tomatoes and peppers, we may be able to nurture a small pot of basil or thyme on a sunny windowsill. And all of us can take steps to prepare fresh, healthful foods that'll delight our appetites and purses. Lisa's and John's newest book, the Farmstead Chef, explains how."
- Syvlia Burgos Toftness, Deep Roots Radio, WPCA, Amery, Wisconsin
"Seasonal cooking is buzz term these days, but if the entire process seems a bit daunting -- you're not sure whether it's ready for picking or not sure what to do with it -- Lisa Kivirist, the co-author of the Farmstead Chef, makes this look very easy...I've tried a couple of things so far [from Farmstead Chef] and they're fantastic."
- Carleen Wild, NBC 15, local NBC TV affiliate, Madison, Wisconsin
"Great recipes that take me back to my mother's table."
- Ella Speakes, host The Ella Speakes Show, KCLR Radio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"Lisa Kivirist was an engaging and knowledgeable guest on our radio show and our listeners really responded to her and to Farmstead Chef. It’s a wonderful book."
- Larry Meiller, host of The Larry Meiller Show on Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison, Wisconsin
"The couple packed an amazing number of recipes into a 245-page book that also includes cooking tips and essays on topics from raising eggs to the benefits of fermenting food. There are also profiles of farmers and food artisans from around the country."
- Meredith Goad, Cookbook Corner, The Portland Press Herald, October 19, 2011
"Let's talk about some of the recipes in [Farmstead Chef]. This is not a going back to early 1900s' farm cookbook from Wisconsin, or from Iowa...[these authors] make some international and very modern dishes."
- Charity Nebbe, Talk of Iowa, Iowa Public Radio
"You present some wonderful recipes in the cookbook. I always start with desserts first."
- Joe Donohue, "The Round Table" on WAMC, National Productions, a nationally syndicated program on 500 National Public Radio stations.
"A wonderful book."
- Dean Adkins, "The Afternoon Show", KMA Radio (ABC affiliate), Iowa

In the News (television):

TV15 Interview
NBC 15, November 1, 2011
Madison, Wisconsin NBC affiliate

View Lisa and Liam's appearance here.

In the News (print):

Backhome Cover
BackHome Magazine, Nov./Dec. 2011

Download a pdf of the article.

Radish Magazine, November 2011

Includes Pumpkin Mousse recipe.

Download a pdf of the article.

Sheboygan Press thumb
The Sheboygan Press, Oct. 27, 2011

Article here.

Includes scrumptious Peanut Butter Pumpkin Bread recipe!

Natural Home logo
Natural Home & Garden, October 2011, Online

Farmstead Chef adaptation: Wild Foraging: Harvesting Food from the World Around You. Get in touch with nature through wild food foraging.

Article here.

MaryJane's Farm logo
MaryJanesFarm, Aug/Sept., 2011

"Budget-Friendly Cooking—Sun Oven Cuisine:Cooking Unplugged"

Download a pdf of the article.

Nat Awakenings
Natural Awakenings, March, 2012

"Unconventional Gardens: No Space? No Problem, by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko." Includes the following garden-fresh recipes -- Lemon Balm Iced Tea, Strawberry Spinach Salad and Vegetarian Nori-wrapped Sushi -- all from Farmstead Chef.

Article here.

The International Ecotourism Society,
February 13, 2012

"Farmstead Chef: Reclaiming the Kitchen and Gardens," photo essay by John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

Article here.

WECN cover
Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News

"Eating Fresh, Seasonal and Local Recipes from Farmstead Chef"

Download a pdf of the article.

Michigan Today Banner
Michigan Today, Sept., 2011

"Back to basics in the kitchen and garden"

Natural Awakenings cover
Natural Awakenings Magazine, August, 2011

"Growing a Good Life from America's Roots" and "A Farmstead Summer Supper" (recipes from Farmstead Chef)

Download a pdf of the articles.

Hobby Farms logo (adapted for Farmstead Chef)

"Plan a Potluck: Simple, Social Fun on the Farm" (includes Farmstead Chef's Tomato Crouton Casserole Recipe)

"The Pantry: Your Farmhouse Convenience Store" (includes Farmstead Chef's Peppermint Biscotti Recipe)

Download a pantry checklist

EdMad cover
Edible Madison, Fall 2011

See Jane Grow: How Wisconsin's Women Farmers are Transforming Our Food System" (featuring several women farmers mentioned in Farmstead Chef as well as the female farming movement underway).

Organic Valley
Rootstock, Organic Valley Family of Farms

"Melting Pot Cheese Beer Soup" (a variation of a Farmstead Chef recipe)

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Vegetarian Times, May, 2005

"Living Green: How one determined couple did what many of us long to do: chucked a high-rent life for what really matters."

In the News (internet):

Transition Voice logo
Kitchen Table Talk: Farmstead Chef Review by Lindsay Curren, Transition Voice, December 1, 2011

Read the review here.

Culinate logo, December 14, 2011

Peppermint Biscotti: A Seasonal twist on an Italian classic.

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iFood TV

Read the article here.

Heavy Table Logo
Heavy Table, Tricia Cornell, January 16, 2102

"In Their Own Words: Farmstead Chef - Interview with John Ivanko of Inn Serendipity."

Read the review here.

Simple Good logo
Farmstead Chef Review and Adapted Salmon Recipe, December 15, 2011

Read the review here.

Inner Garden logo
"Inspiring Women: Savoring Abundance", by Diane Glass, Tending your Inner Garden, November 29, 2011

Read the article here.

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Eat Drink Better, December 16, 2011

Read the article here.

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"Be a Farmstead Chef: Five Steps to a Stocked Pantry", Willy Steet Co-op Reader, January, 2012

Read the article here.

Monroe Times Logo
"Fresh from the farmstead: New cookbook woven with modern farmstead mentality", by Katjusa Cisar, The Monroe Times, December 19, 2011

Read the article here. Download a pdf of the front page

Northcoast Logo
North Coast Co-op News, Winter, 2012, with Pumpkin Mousse Cheesecake recipe, Arcata, California

Download a pdf of the recipe here.

La Montanita logo
"Beating the Wintertime Blues" by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, adapted from Farmstead Chef, in La Montanita Co-op, Co-op Connection Newspaper, January, 2012, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, New Mexico

Download a pdf of the recipe here.

Greenhorns logo
The Greenhorns Blog, December 21, 2011

Read the article here.

In the News (radio):

Co-authors, Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko, have been interviewed on numerous radio stations nationally, including Voice of America Radio International, Let's Talk on Northeast Indiana Public Radio, The Larry Meiller Show on Wisconsin Public Radio, Here and Now on Texas Public Radio, The Journey Home on Santa Fe Public Radio, The Ella Speakes Show on KCLR Radio in Oklahoma City, Talk of Iowa on Iowa Public Radio, and Tron in the Morning on KCMN Radio in Colorado Springs. Below are a few highlights.

Heavy Table logo
Dan Skinner, Texas Public Radio "Green Host", January 9, 2012

Download the podcast here.

NW logo
Northeast Public Radio, "The Roundtable" on WAMC with host Joe Donahue, Albany, New York

Listen to Lisa's appearance here.

Deep Roots logo
Deep Roots Radio November 13, 2011

Listen to the podcast here.

Conversations with Charlie Dyer, KNews Morning Report, Palm Springs, California

Listen to the podcast here.

The Ella Speakes Show, KCLR Radio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Listen to the podcast here.

Iowa Public Radio logo
Iowa Public Radio, Wednesday Oct. 26, 2011

Charity speaks with John Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist, who run the award-winning Inn Serendipity in Wisconsin. Their new cookbook is called Farmstead Chef. (New Society Publishers)

Download the podcast here.

Wisconsin Public Radio logo
Wisconsin Public Radio, Oct. 17, 2011

Lisa Kivirist chats about Farmstead Chef with Larry Meiller. Download a podcast of the interview here.

Renegade logo
Zan Asha, The Renegade Farmer, December 12, 2011

Listen to the interview here.

Frankie Boyer logo
Frankie Boyer, "The Frankie Boyer Show", WXBR, November 1, 2011


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"15 with the Author" with Teri Knight, KYMN, January 2, 2012

Listen to the article here.

Mike Nowak logo
The Mike Nowak Show, January 1, 2012

Listen to the article here.